You may be wondering if you’re the right type of person to become a surrogate. If you enjoyed being pregnant (at least until the killer 3rd trimester), are grateful to be a mom and want to help someone else who can’t otherwise become a parent, you should consider becoming a surrogate.

Surrogates come from all walks of life. Some live in urban areas, others in suburban or rural areas. They are stay at home moms, teachers, nurses, administrative assistants, waitresses, small business owners, direct sales consultants, accountants, etc.

Some surrogates are married and some are single. Surrogates can also range in age from 21 to 45.

There are also some specific medical criteria for who can become a surrogate. Here are a few:

  • At least one prior full term (37 weeks) pregnancy
  • Not delivered more than 5 times previously
  • Not had more than 3 prior c-sections
  • Not had more than 1 stillbirth
  • BMI below 35
  • No STDs or HIV
  • Drug and cigarette free

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Anyone who has been pregnant before knows that it can take a toll on your body and the medical appointments take up a good deal of time. In recognition of this, surrogates are compensated for their services. Surrogate compensation can vary, but New York Surrogacy Center provides $35,000 for first time surrogates and $40,000 for experienced surrogates. Surrogates also have various other costs covered for them. For a detailed list, go to:

What do surrogates do with the compensation they receive? Some use it to pay down student loans, for a down payment on a house, to save for their own children’s college expenses, and maybe even for a nice vacation! Others use the compensation to be able to stay home with their own children for another year or to help kickstart a new business.

Being a surrogate is an amazing experience. You have the opportunity to bring a child into this world for someone who desperately wants to become a parent and can’t without your help. And it doesn’t hurt to have the compensation to help out your own family.