It’s kind of amazing how different transfer protocols can be from clinic to clinic. On my last journey, that clinic’s protocol lasted only a month, and on this journey, it was more like 7-8 weeks! So, getting to transfer this time around was a much more arduous process.

Not to mention, the reproductive endocrinologist had me undergo an ERA first. An ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Assay) is a biopsy of your endometrial lining on would-be transfer day to see how receptive it would be to an embryo. So, I went through the 7-week protocol for the ERA, and then another 7-week protocol for the actual transfer. The ERA results showed that my uterus was pre-receptive, which means it wasn’t quite ready for the embryo. As a result, my transfer protocol was changed so that I would take an extra dose of progesterone leading up to transfer.

On transfer day, the clinic had me take a Valium 45-minutes before transfer. I was a bit anxious about how it would make me feel, but actually, it reduces anxiety. I felt super relaxed, and maybe even a little bit loopy. I also had to arrive with a “moderately full” bladder, so I drank about 20 ounces of water beforehand. I tried to time it just right because I hate having to pee and not being able to!

I barely made it. During the transfer, a nurse uses an abdominal ultrasound so that the reproductive endocrinologist can see your uterus and the catheter. The pressure of that ultrasound on my bladder was making me very nervous about holding it in! But as soon as she let up the pressure, I was fine. After transfer, I was allowed to relieve myself.

My intended fathers were able to join in me in the room for transfer, which I was very happy about (especially considering COVID restrictions). I love that they were able to see this momentous step in their embryo’s journey. Interestingly, since the embryos were tested, the doctor knows the sex of the embryo that was transferred, but my IFs and I do not, since they did not want to know.

The clinic does not have me get a blood test until 14 days post-transfer. However, my IFs and I have agreed that I’ll take a home pregnancy test at 5 days post-transfer, and we will FaceTime to see the results together. I realize success isn’t guaranteed, but nevertheless I can’t wait!