I had the perfect trip to New York for my transfer. Monday I flew out and was greeted in the Big Apple by my IM to take me to the hotel. The next morning I had my blood work and the last ultrasound to make sure everything was great for the transfer on Wednesday. My IF walked me to the appointment and then back to the hotel. The rest of the day I explored New York with my mom. We did Times Square- lots of shopping, ate at Juniors for some amazing breakfast, went to Rockefeller center, some high end purse shopping and St. John’s church. We ended the evening with some yummy pizza, then went to The Harry Potter Cursed Child Broadway show! The next morning was transfer day! I went to breakfast with my IF and ate some pineapple, relaxed and then was picked up and taken to transfer with my IM. I wore my lucky socks from the agency, my matching shirt with my IPs, and some leopard because it was our lucky “thing”. I topped the outfit with some blue shoes with my pink socks since we don’t know the sex of the baby! Transfer went perfectly. Everyone was so relaxed and the doctor said it was a textbook transfer! After I made my way back to the hotel to eat some more pineapple and rest for the remainder of the day, I ended it by eating at New York Steak House, which was mouth watering food. After a good night of sleep, we got pedicures and then flew home! The best part is being able to say I’M PREGNANT! (PUPO). Now the long wait until the first beta.