Pre-Transfer Day:

A huge lifelong fear of needles made me nervous of the prep for embryo transfer. Every clinic has a different protocol, but most involve injections, patches, and suppositories. I learned a lot of mental toughness and was able to give myself the injections.

As an Ohioan, I traveled to NYC for the embryo transfer. NYSC was great at communicating with myself and the clinic, and scheduling flights and transportation. They were thoughtful in scheduling the least amount of time away from my kids, while still keeping the embryos health at the forefront. NYSC booked my flights, hotel, and car service. They did as much as possible to take the stress off me. The hotel was directly across the street from my IP’s clinic.

One of the clinic’s requirements is an appointment the day before the embryo transfer for labs and an ultrasound. They want to verify the best possible uterine lining before they thaw the embryo.

Did I mention that I had not met my current IPs in person…. We met at a restaurant. My IPs took us out to lunch after the labs. We went to an amazing Ramen place. I was nervous that it would be awkward. It was a great lunch.


Transfer Day:

On transfer day my friend and I walked around the city and then headed to the clinic. We were blessed that the hotel and clinic were so close together.

I had to arrive at the clinic 45 minutes prior to the transfer with a full bladder, then drink 20 oz of water. They wanted a full, but not too full, bladder. They took me back first to gown up and admit me. Once I was covered, the IPs came into the room. The embryologist had great enthusiasm, confidence, and character. She was very proud of the little embryo. She wanted everyone to see how great it was. I loved learning a bit more about the embryology behind surrogacy. We have a very high graded embryo.

The actual transfer was less painful than a pap. The placement of the speculum was the most uncomfortable part. I had to rest for 10 minutes then “light activity” the rest of the day, and resume workouts next week.