This trimester has been so fast moving. More doctor appointments. Planning the birth. Getting all the details together. It has been amazing. My third trimester has been great. I was deep in this trimester throughout Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I worked up until I was 38 weeks. In the third trimester the IPs were able to come to more appointments and we became closer. As we got the final paperwork done for the parentage and adoption portion for dad number 2. We were also able to work on the hospital birthing plan. It was relieving to know we were all open and on the same page about most everything when it came to birth. We all counted down the weeks until their little girl entered the world. At my 37 week appointment the doctor checked my cervix and I was 1-2cm. The following week I was 3-4cm. And this week we also had a final ultrasound. The IPs had drove up for that appointment and we had all come prepared with our hospital bags in car just in case. We didn’t need them yet but we were ready. It has been so sweet with the questions my IPs would ask as first time parents. I remember asking similar questions before I had my son. 39 week appointment came and I was 4cm. Doctor did a membrane sweep as baby was super low. This week was full of bad winter weather, so she put me on the books for induction just in case the sweep didn’t induce labor. And let the fun begin!