This journey feels increasingly real with growth ultrasounds scheduled every four weeks and diligently following medical recommendations. I’m officially three sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy weight, which has made shopping at my usual stores a challenge. Thankfully, working remotely means I can comfortably live in oversized t-shirts and lounge wear. LOL

We are busy planning for the parents’ arrival around the delivery date, discussing essential questions to prepare for Wombmate’s “eviction.” While I prefer a spontaneous delivery unless medically necessary, the intended parents are fully supportive of my wishes, making this final stage a cooperative and respectful process.

At my 36-week growth ultrasound at MFM, we encountered a new concern: a specific area on the heart couldn’t be clearly seen due to the limited space for the baby to move at this gestational age. This finding necessitated an additional echocardiogram at a different specialist location two weeks later. Unfortunately, the results remained inconclusive, leading to a change in our delivery plan.

Given the potential anomaly with the aorta, we have decided to deliver at a specialist hospital an hour away, ensuring that Wombmate will have immediate access to a level 4 NICU and one of the best pediatric cardiologists in the state. While this access to top-notch care post-delivery brings some relief, it also introduces anxiety about delivering at an unfamiliar hospital with staff and medical practices I’m not accustomed to.

To manage this stress, I’ve been attending weekly prenatal yoga sessions led by a coworker who is also a doula. These classes have helped me confirm some natural labor positions that will provide comfort during delivery. My labor partner, Amber, is on call and excited for the opportunity to witness her first birth experience, bringing additional support and enthusiasm to the occasion.

The intended mom is scheduled to fly in at 38 weeks, and together, we are patiently and eagerly awaiting Wombmate’s arrival. Despite the uncertainties and changes in plans, our focus remains on ensuring a safe and healthy delivery for the baby, supported by a wonderful team of medical professionals and the love and anticipation of her parents.