In October 2022 I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a surrogate. I initially started by doing a survey/screening to see if I was even eligible to become a surrogate. On October 28th I had a phone interview/screening with my advocate from Surrogacy Is and I was 100% eligible to become a surrogate! By November 2nd I was offered to pick between 2 agencies to decide who I wanted to work with on my surrogate journey, I chose New York Surrogacy Center as they stood out most to me. They are smaller and newer but very involved with each individual surrogate and the was super comforting to me. November 3rd I had a meeting over the phone with Joe about the overall journey and the beginning steps which was the screening and application process. It’s been a long process getting all the paperwork in and scheduling doctors appointments for certain tests and physical evaluation. My biggest hurdle was dealing with my insurance but they have been super patient and helpful through everything. I’m beyond excited to say that I’m transitioning into the matching process right now! 🥰🥰


Here’s to hopefully meeting my intended parents within the next couple months 🥂💕💕


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