Everything about our first transfer was perfect. My spouse and I flew to Colorado Springs where we met up with our Intended Parent for the first time. We planned to get dinner together the first night. My spouse picked the place and made reservations. Dinner was most definitely an ice breaker. We could hardly read what was on the menu and when we received our food, it was barely a couple of bites. We all had a good laugh and decided my spouse was no longer picking our dinner spots. He called an Uber and we hit Hardees on the way back to hotel.

The next day we spent exploring Colorado Springs. We went on several adventures and were really able to get to know each other before the transfer. The following morning it was time to get ready for the transfer. We arrived at the clinic and were taken back to a room. The IP and I waited together for the nurses to come in with instructions. Little did I know, I was going to have to drink 7 bottles of water in a very short time frame. I didn’t want to look at water for the rest of the day! The transfer went smoothly and we were able to watch the process on a monitor the entire time. It was pretty interesting watching the embryo be placed. We spent the rest of the day eating yummy food and relaxing before our journey home the next morning.

Once home, the waiting game started. I was so worried and nervous with the unknown. After three days, my IP and I decided to do a home test just for fun. It came back very positive. I waited a few days and took another home. It also came back positive! We were very excited. My first appointment confirmed that the transfer was successful! I was so happy for the IP and this journey became very real for me and my family. The estimated due date is July 25th , which also happens to be my youngest daughter’s birthday, which gives us a very special connection to the baby.