I am a first time mom with a now 13 month old. I have donated my eggs in the past and then I came across surrogacy posts for months until I finally decided to see what it was fully about. I searched a lot of information and different websites and finally came across a surrogacy advocate website and connected with them who then connected me to the New York Surogacy Center and that’s when I knew I felt like it was something I was extremely interested in and felt like the right thing to do in my life.  The application and screening were all super straight forward and simple! Joe and his employees were helpful from the beginning and answered any questions I had. Everything was emailed to me to fill out and email back so there were no confusing paperwork just piled onto me. The medical screening did take longer than expected just from trying to set an appointment with my own doctor, sending in all my paperwork, and getting blood drawn, but it still felt like the beginning of the process flew by! I am super close to choosing and getting matched to the IP’s so I’m ready for next exciting steps.