Sometimes I describe the matching process as being like dating, with NYSC as the matchmaker. And for me and my IPs, they got it right on the first attempt!

When I was ready to match, Joe and Casey, the agency co-directors, helped me create a profile. It included a photo of me, my age, occupation, and a few other details. I also had a discussion with Joe about what kind of people I’d like to work with. I had a list of match preferences including: a gay couple, pro-vax, single embryo transfer (rather than double), willing to carry twins but not triplets or more, and other items.

Joe and Casey told me about M and R, intended parents from Buffalo they thought I’d match well with. I liked what I heard and agreed to let Casey and Joe show M and R my profile, which apparently, they liked! A couple of weeks later, we met halfway for lunch and agreed to match! R and M are super nice, very excited, and very supportive. We are in touch via text occasionally and I will even have dinner with them when I head to Buffalo for medical clearance at their clinic.