Have you ever had it set in your mind what your perfect match would be like? Well as I was gearing up for journey number 2, I had a lot of boxes to check off of my list for this match. I thought the biggest box on my list was to only match with a same-sex couple. I remember when it came time to view profiles I told Joe, only same-sex. Well, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and with that being said, the same-sex just wasn’t the one this time. So, after much talking, I agreed to a hetero couple. I must point out Joe tried at first saying he had a great one for me. Finally, I agreed, and let me tell you they are AMAZING!! They were perfect and checked all my boxes and more. I couldn’t be more thankful for Joe for sticking through the changes but giving me a perfect couple.

Now some may wonder how the matching process goes and why I keep mentioning “my boxes.”

First things first, you have applied and gone through turning in all your medical records, you’ve filled out some questions about you, your family, and some stuff like hobbies, and lifestyle. Next, you’ll submit a few pictures, and Joe will work his magic to create the perfect profile for you. I swear this is the part where I feel like I’m online dating, lol. This profile is like your resume, picture, info, and of course some pregnancy info, also this is where you will have some questions about what you’re looking for in a match. This is where my boxes came into play. I made a list of things I wanted like, close contact, and IPs who would like to come to appointments and be involved!

After your profile is created it will be sent to a few IPs who the agency thinks will be a great match, and you’ll also get a few profiles to look at. If both parties agree on the profiles you will move to the match meeting, which is a zoom call where you just get to know each other more and talk about some of the things both parties are looking for in a match. After the call, both parties have a few days to think about it and if both parties agree… you’re officially matched!

The process can be a scary one with so many questions and wondering if you’re picking the right IPs but I promise Joe and his team know what they are doing and will have the perfect match in mind for you!