One of the most exciting parts of the surrogacy process thus far, matching. Everything about this process was a constant reminder of the reason I chose to become a surrogate. I finally moved past paperwork and was able to move to a step that made this whole process finally seem real. The butterflies I got when we received the profiles of intended parents were intense. I was happy, nervous, and anxious all rolled into one.

Let me slow down and explain how the process went for me. I was first sent a draft of my surrogacy profile. This is what the intended parents would see before considering a possible match. New York Surrogacy Center did a phenomenal job in putting this together. All I did was submit my answers to their questions with a couple of photos and they wrapped it all together in a wonderful one-page presentation. I was confident whoever would view it would be getting the correct version of how I wanted to be presented as a surrogate and what I was looking for in intended parents.
Next, I was shown a profile my husband and I viewed together. We agreed to a match meeting and my records were sent off to their clinic for review. After some unforeseen complications with the clinic review, we decided to move on to review other profiles and connected with a different clinic. Again my husband and I agreed on a profile as a possible match. The clinic review went by flawlessly this time and my profile was sent to the intended parents. They agreed to a match call over zoom and it was scheduled by NYSC.
Whew, talk about nerves. I was anxiously awaiting our scheduled call when one of the intended parents had an unexpected out-of-town work obligation and we had to reschedule. Of course, this had me anxiously awaiting our first meeting. Risking a cliché here, but it was worth the wait. I prepared a page of questions to ask the intended parents in fear the conversation would be met with awkward silences. Joe was on the zoom call with us and got us started. It did not take long for the conversations to take off organically. I was happy to have my husband on the call and we all seemed to click well together and had the same journey in mind.
My husband and I took the night to deliberate to ensure we were not running off the blissful emotions of the call. After waking up still feeling like we made a connection with the intended parents, we agreed to the match. We got confirmation from Joe that the intended parents wanted to match with us as well. Joe and his team know how to read and pair surrogates with intended parents and it has created a beautiful experience so far.