After all the clearances leading up to this point, it felt like a dream. This is the part that we all waited for. I got the legal clearance, and the next step was starting the medicine. I tracked my period and talked to the clinic. Next thing I knew I was getting this box in the mail. It had everything I was going to need for this next step. It seemed overwhelming at first but the nurse I was working with had everything broken down with such detail. The injections scared me some, but after the first one was done it was a breeze. During this time, I had two monitoring appointments to make sure everything was progressing as it should. After the second appointment I got the “all clear” and the transfer was finalized. It seemed to move quickly after that. I was flown out the night before. Transfer day!! I arrived and they took me back right away to begin the prep work. They had to get everything set up and went over every step with me in good detail. My bladder wasn’t full enough, so I had to chug 4 cups of water. I think the full bladder was the worst part of the entire procedure. When everything was set up and ready all the doctors and nurses came in and the intended parents came in the room too. It was a full house. The transfer itself took only seconds once everything was in place. It was painless. It was also magical. Watching the intended parents’ eyes light up and smiles on their faces. The science behind it all was pretty amazing as well. After the transfer I was able to empty my bladder, get dressed, and I was released. I was given instructions to just take it easy. Then came the waiting game. 10 long days before my first blood draw. After getting my results back and going back for my second blood draw two days later I received the great news. I was pregnant!