This is my first surrogacy journey and so far, it has not been hard at all. The pre-screening/application process is very easy. Filling out the application to see if you qualify to become a surrogate was very helpful and quick. The next step is the prescreening process. It is a little frustrating because you have to wait for your doctor to do their part, but all you want to do is meet your family that you are going to be on the beautiful journey with. I love working with Joe and his team. They are so great and easy going.  Working with Joe and his team makes this process so much easier. If I have any questions or concerns, they are always willing to help me to make sure I understand what’s going on.   Communication is key and they are great with communication.  Joe and his team are always right there to walk me through it. They are nothing but understanding and caring people. From the beginning, they have been fantastic, informative, and supportive.  I am happy I picked NYSC to start my surrogacy journey with.