The moment is finally here! I will finally be doing the embryo transfer. I started this process in October and the moment is finally here. I have had appointments to check my levels twice a week since the start of my period. While at the appointments the fertility clinic checked my lining thickness and progesterone ect. Levels to make sure my body is ready to be pregnant. Also, the intended parents opted to have HCG wash the day before the procedure which I found out through some research is supposed to make you extra ‘sticky’. In a week I will have the transfer and then more waiting to see if I’m pregnant.

One week later after the transfer…..

The Day of the transfer I arrived at the appointment 30-minutes beforehand. They got me into a room within a few minutes. While in the room, nurses came in and out to explain the procedure and to give medication to me. I also got an adorable picture of the embryo that would be transferred 🙂.

During the transfer the doctors came in and explained the whole process while it was happening. I like when the doctors do this so you know exactly what is going on. While the procedure was taking place, the doctor came in and put a catheter inside and examined everything with an ultrasound machine. The embryo is then brought in and put on the end of the catheter which is then carefully placed in the uterus. They then use a magnifying glass to check and make sure the embryo is off the catheter. You wait about 15 minutes and then you are allowed to leave. After that you have to wait 9 grueling days to see if it worked or not and see if the baby embryo stuck and is growing.