Right after we received the legal clearance the medication process began. I thought this would take longer than it did, but then again everything revolves around my menstrual cycle. I received an encouraging box from the agency that was well thought out with gifts that included things I definitely knew I needed. The agency has been amazing throughout the whole process, and little things like the surrogacy box made me feel special.

On Friday after being cleared I called to schedule a time for my meds to be delivered. They told me that they could send it out on Monday and I would receive them by Tuesday. I DID NOT have to be home when they were delivered.

After my period came there were a lot of appointments made. I had bloodwork and ultrasounds every 4 days to measure and check everything. I received a medication plan and everything seemed to be going very smoothly. At my final appointment about 10 days after my period started we scheduled the transfer. 7 days before the transfer I went again to check my blood work and had an ultrasound to check my lining. Unfortunately I was taking the wrong medication and my blood work showed that something was too high. Just like that the transfer was postponed and we now have to wait another month to try again. I felt horrible for messing up my meds, but glad my levels were too high because of a medication mistake  and not because my body was producing something it shouldn’t be. I felt sad and upset but feel positive for next month.