The beginning of the second trimester was a little rough as I had nausea and headaches for the first few weeks into it. I was throwing up a lot and not feeling the best as normally described by most. I traveled to Florida by plane, and I was so nauseous for every flight, that I learned my lesson and did not travel after that. As I got further into second trimester that all seemed to resolve, and I was able to enjoy some parts of it. I started feeling more movement around 23 weeks. It felt like a normal pregnancy at this point as not much was different from my own. The only difference was we had a fetal echo ultrasound done to look at the depths of the baby’s heart, which was normal and no signs of complications. She was growing exactly how she should which was reassuring for the intended parents and myself. The pregnancy began to feel great and showing good signs the baby would be full term. Being able to see the intended parents start to become more excited and feeling that this is becoming real, was a joy.