For me, this Journey began when an ad popped up on my Facebook page labeled “become a surrogate today, which was the first step in working with NYSC! I have known people within my circle who have become surrogates and decided to take the quiz. Not long after I was contacted via phone by a company that manages to get your profile out to prospective companies like New York Surrogacy Center. Soon after, I had multiple offers from several companies. After having a conversation with my spouse, we decided New York Surrogacy Center was the best match for us.

New York Surrogacy Center was the best match for us based on several reasons. One reason being there was no international matching. With covid and travel restrictions, international surrogacy was a concern for us. They also offered a life insurance policy. For our family, it was important to have that extra coverage. Knowing it is unlikely we would need it; it gave us comfort knowing it was there should my family need it in a state of an emergency. We have a family of 5 so expenses add up quickly.

After choosing my agency, I had a conversation with Joe and his team to go over the timeline of the process, and what to expect, and gain more knowledge of what to expect each step of the way. Joe and his team have been available whenever needed to answer questions or field concerns. The entire team has kept us up to date on all processes and where we are at with everything.  They have been great about including my spouse in all conversations to ensure he has felt included. I would say they have helped him feel as if he has just as much of a voice in this process as anyone else.

First things first, I started sending over my medical records, insurance information, called the doctors for their recommendation, and went to get my PAP/STD test done. My support circle is huge starting with my family but also extending to my doctor. My doctor was more than happy to sign a recommendation letter for me and has continued to ask where I am in the process while helping with anything needed. This process has been a lot of “hurry up and wait” which is the hardest part for me. But all in all, it has been a stress free process so far and I anticipate it will remain that way.