As the days passed by, marked by sore intramuscular gluteus injections and routine two-hour round trips, I found myself immersed in the familiar rhythm of another embryo transfer journey. The anticipation culminated on the day of the HCG blood work, a pivotal moment tinged with both hope and apprehension.

Having previously worked in women’s health, I had been monitoring my progress at home with urine tests. The positive result initially brought relief, but my heart sank as I noticed the line wasn’t darkening as expected. Despite my growing unease, I kept this concern private, respecting the intended parents’ desire for definitive medical confirmation.

When the results arrived, they bore the unfortunate news: a miscarriage was underway. Despite the disappointment that hung heavy in the air, a steadfast determination and desire to press forward remained within me.

Following medical advice, I continued with prescribed medications until a 48-hour retest confirmed the miscarriage. Only then did we cease the regimen, awaiting clearance for the next cycle. It was a challenging moment, yet hope persisted.

Soon after, we embarked on the next cycle, with a transfer date set for August 14th, 2023—a date that held dual significance as it coincided with my son’s first day of preschool. Knowing he was in good hands with his father, I focused on the road ahead.

During this time, my grandmother—a retired labor and delivery nurse with 67 years of experience—suggested natural supplements like Brazilian nuts and pomegranate juice. While unconventional, I embraced this holistic approach with hope and gratitude.

Amidst the preparations, I found solace and connection within my surrogate support groups. From them, I adopted a few lighthearted superstitions, such as indulging in McDonald’s fries post-procedure—each gesture a testament to the shared hope and camaraderie within the community.

This transfer carried an added layer of meaning when the intended mother joined for support, presenting me with a watercolor picture of the embryo—a gesture that touched me deeply. With her kindness and our shared optimism, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of positivity surrounding this attempt.

As I prepared for the transfer, I carried with me the collective strength of those rooting for this new beginning. With gratitude for the support of loved ones and the surrogacy community, I embarked on this journey with renewed hope and resilience.

Here’s to the promise of new beginnings and the unwavering determination to see them through.