Once the two families, mine and the IP’s, agreed to go ahead, I proceeded for the psychological test. The 1st test was on Zoom with my family. It was an introductory meeting with a psychologist. The psychologist wants to make sure that I have a supportive family, I do not have any mental health issues and mainly I am aware that I will give the baby or babies to the IPs after birth. Once she was convinced that I was a good candidate for surrogacy, then we processed for 2nd round. Then 2nd round was quite long, about 3 hours, with her on a Zoom call with the IPs. It was kind of fun, meaning the same questions were asked in different ways. There were about 360 questions in the second round. Once the psychologist provided the approval/clearance letter to the agency, then we processed the legal contract.

The most important thing is legal part. It took lot of time. We went back and forth quite a few times because it has to be in the correct manner. We particularly checked that the names of all parties involved were mentioned correctly, the legalities of each step of the journey, issues of termination if needed, number of embryo transfers, the pre-birth order, respecting privacy of both parties, etc.