Medial clearance and psychological evaluation was my next task of completion. I had never been to Connecticut before and was excited to experience some cooler weather than Florida. What an amazing team at CARS in Farmington. After 3 hours of talking about my previous pregnancies, my support system, and even childhood inspirations – I low key wanted the psychologist to be my therapist¬†ūüėā¬†her welcoming and gentle personality made the session honestly fly by. Some blood work, a sneak peek of my uterus, and a multiple choice questionnaire completed my first day. The second day, the parents and I met for breakfast, The Rebel Dog Coffee. I had an egg and bacon bagel and my first cappuccino! We got a chance to bond before our two hour session and get to know each other more. It was comforting to know our parenting styles were similar, king of gentle adjacent parenting lol. This coffee spot would become our signature meet up months later¬†ūüėä. At our joint session we went over worst case scenarios and any possible opportunities to back out , (before we start this long distance and process ahead) we all unanimously agreed this was the right decision. Confirmed we both had cleared our psychological portion of the evaluation, we snapped a picture of all three of us to mark the day of our journey. Two days after my return, medical clearance was granted – on to legalization!