November 1st I went back to the specialist for an Ultrasound and a stress test. My fluid level went from a normal range of 24 to 41 which is quite a significant jump.

Here we are at the hard parts again because you want to keep trusting that your body is doing what it has always done so well, which is keep a baby safe in the womb, and to continue to grow it healthy and strong until it’s ready to come naturally.. but it’s NOT my baby. So as much as I’d love to keep growing this baby until HE is ready to come since he’s healthy and to the looks of it, pretty damn cozy lol, I have to take the concerns the specialist presented to get him out of the fluids and avoid any potential harm… by inducing now.

The specialist was pretty confident my water would break with the increase of fluids and recommended I get to the hospital for monitoring and induction right away. It was a hectic Tuesday as I didn’t expect this for a few more weeks. Today I am 36 weeks and 3 days.

I arrived at the hospital at 11/2 -10am. I’ve since been hooked up to a non stress test monitor a few times to check baby, given 2 steroid shots to help insure baby’s lungs mature before birth, had my cervix checked revealing baby boy isn’t at all ready to come and a balloon inserted vaginally to begin pre-induction to start softening my cervix. My cervix is pretty high and isn’t quite open yet although I’m beginning to feel some slight discomfort. I’m also not allowed to eat…YAY!

Induction is always something I’ve been afraid of as it usually results in a long/hard labor that can result in a c-section. I’ve never had a c-section and my body has never been forced to have a baby before. I’ve labored spontaneously, and had very calm/relaxing births. So to be able to speak freely and say I’m not nervous is a LIE 😭  I’m a nervous wreck right now.

It’s hard trying to process this so early on. My bags weren’t properly packed, things I had to get set up for my kids are kind of all over. I am trying to process the thought of having a c-section while also updating my IPs. It’s alot honesty. Things just come at you from all directions and you have to be prepared. Shame on me for not FEELING ready.

Either way – Belly Bud will be here before we know it. I’m all checked in and my IPs are checked in to a hotel close by as this induction period could take some time. I won’t be leaving the hospital until he makes his way to the earth side.