I am 31 weeks pregnant. OB appointments are now biweekly, just checking BP, weight, fundal height, and heartrate of baby, although at the last appointment we had a growth scan. I facetimed the dads and learned that the baby is weighing in at 4.5lbs already! I am taking that with a grain of salt because weights determined by ultrasound can be inaccurate, but if it is accurate, then we are 1-2 weeks ahead of average. The intended fathers are already placing bets that she needs to come out a week earlier than currently scheduled! We also learned she has quite the head of hair!

The intended fathers and I have our hospital tour next week, as well as a photo shoot I’m excited about. Think maternity shoot but with the focus more on the dads and my belly, less on me/the carrier. Hoping for good weather for that.

We finally got the pre-birth order, so the dads are officially the parents!