7 months and another beautiful day to celebrate the milestones. Our appointments are going well and Belly Bud is growing right on track. I am feeling large and in charge and seriously can’t believe we are 2 months away from our due date. It just doesn’t seem real.

Heartburn has been SEVERE these last few weeks. I’m fine during the day and tend to cut off eating around 6 in hopes that each night will be better. It’s so bad that I wake up at random times throughout the night and have to rush to the bathroom as it’s causing me to throw up. Not fun at all. But hey.. we are almost there right.

My IM (Michelle) invited me to her home for the weekend as her sweet friends put together a beautiful baby shower. I arrived early Saturday morning and then rode with Michelle to her parents home where the shower was hosted. It was seriously so BEAUTIFUL. Her friends and parents had put together the prettiest decorations and food entrees and were all so loving and pleasant to be around. It was an incredible experience to attend a baby shower that’s not yours and even greater watching everyone love Michelle so much. I could cry. Her friends and family were all so sweet and even gifted me for what I am doing for them. It was nice seeing Michelle in such a loving and relaxing setting and embracing all the love. Michelle then took me to a spa for a private couples pedicure before our dinner reservations with her husband and 7 year old son. It was lovely going back to her home and talking/playing with her son. He is so sweet and so excited to be a big brother. The next morning Michelle made me a big breakfast with all the yummy foods I like to eat. That’s a plus of her following me on social media. She gets a front row seat on my day to day lol. We hung out for quite a bit of the day before she took me out for lunch and I made my drive back home. I honestly feel very honored to be part of this. It was such a beautiful weekend to celebrate this special journey we are on together. Michelle’s friends and family are so very excited and loving and made us both feel so incredibly special.

We were all born with the ability to change someone’s life. Let’s not waste it ♥️