At 6, almost 7 months along, this girl is really moving! Sometimes I imagine she is doing calisthenics at 5am when I am not yet ready to wake up.

Related, the aches and pains of the third trimester are starting, and so I’m doing weekly prenatal yoga and nightly hip stretches. I think this is helping, because on the nights I forget to stretch, my hips have something to say about it.

The pre-birth order process is underway, with my IPs’ lawyer submitting the necessary paperwork. With the CPSA being so new, this is the first time my county’s court has seen such a case, but we should have that very soon, at which point my IPs will officially be recognized as the legal fathers! We are also in the process of communicating with the hospital to see what will be allowed in terms of number of people in the operating room for the c-section.

I have never been in the third trimester in the warmer part of the year, so I’ve had to get some additional summer maternity clothing. I’m very thankful for the maternity clothing budget I am provided with!