6 months with Belly Bud. It’s early August and we just left our Fetal Echo appointment. Both IPs joined today and it’s always so lovely seeing them both. The Fetal Echocardiogram is a painless ultrasound test that shows the structure of the baby’s heart and how well it’s working. It’s nice to get these scheduled so we can prepare ahead if they detect any abnormalities for pre-delivery planning and medical management once the baby is born.

Let me tell you.. It truly is a beautiful feeling to SEE and HEAR a baby’s heart fluttering.

I had never been in my IM’s shoes but she has always been very open with me and shared many of her experiences with loss. It truly opened my eyes and allowed me to feel a deeper pain. I have many friends that struggle with loss and infertility, but never experienced it myself. It’s honestly what opened my heart up to doing this for others. I felt like if I could do something like this for those that wanted it so desperately, why shouldn’t I?

I feel selfish putting this into writing, but when I was pregnant with my 3 keepers, I never “worried” before each appointment. Michelle and I were pregnant with twins early on in our journey together, and experienced the loss of one of her twins… together. It changed me. So I can imagine the feeling at each ultrasound appointment when she would be so anxious to hear a beating heart, because I too, since being newly exposed to loss, would find myself on the edge of my seat with her.

My belly is getting bigger and bigger. Sleep is pretty non-existent at this point. Heartburn is still making its awful appearance. I’m not as comfortable during the day or night and feel pretty crappy that I don’t feel well enough to physically move my body for a workout. This is honestly the first time I have not worked out during a pregnancy and has me feeling all kinds of emotional. On top of the usual hormones it’s been a wild ride. My IM has been extremely generous from the start and recently helped towards the purchase of my very own Peloton bike. I could cry typing this. I feel incredibly blessed and look forward to some slow movement in the comfort of my own home.

Our appointments are going well. We haven’t had an ultrasound with my OB so it has been nice seeing Belly Buddy at the recent specialist appointments that have been scheduled. Always praying that he continues to keep growing healthy and strong. We are tired, but we are doing it  💙