It’s been a busy few weeks! At 21 weeks I went in for my anatomy scan. Since again the IFs were not allowed to attend, I decided to book them a Sneak Peek ultrasound, one of those third-party non-medical ultrasound places. So that weekend they drove to my town, finally met my husband and daughter at brunch, and then we headed to the ultrasound.

The session was about 15 minutes long, and we got 2- and 3-D views of the baby, as well as listened to the heartbeat. The dads also got a recording of the heartbeat to take home.

At just shy of 25 weeks, I had yet another checkup where they measured my fundal height (measured right at 25 weeks) and listened to the heartbeat (very healthy sounding).

Everyday life is getting a bit more difficult, physically, as expected. I am doing weekly prenatal yoga to try to keep myself in shape, and as the weather warms, I’ll do more walking. But sleeping is not always great (as my husband can attest to), and I won’t be doing the weeding that needs to be done (darn!).