5 months and Belly Buddy is as big as a sweet potato and about 8 to 10 inches long. We had a full
anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks. They are quite thorough as they check the development of fetal
organs and body parts. They can also detect certain congenital defects. I feel great to report that this
little guy is looking and growing great!

I thought once I was given the clear at my first OB appointment (after graduating from CNY) to get
back to my usual workout routine, I would feel much better. It appears the bigger I am getting at this
stage, the harder running has become. I am finding myself extremely out of breath and achy after
running and sadly have to put a pause on it. I’ve had heartburn on and off over the last few weeks
and my OB has given me different prescriptions to try in hopes it will ease it. Nothing has worked so
far. Heartburn wasn’t something I experienced with my 3 keepers so this has been a bit different.

I have a pretty close relationship with my Intended Mother at this point. She checks in quite
frequently to ask how I am sleeping, feeling and doing throughout the day.
Now that I’m showing, the conversations with others have been getting pretty interesting. The
obvious “congrats” is where it starts… then the “do you know the gender, or have names picked out”
and then I walk right into delivering the “Well, this isn’t my baby….” *jaw drops*

I feel that Surrogacy in general is still pretty historic in New York. People just don’t know enough
about it. The most common question I get is ” how could you give up/hand over your baby at
delivery.” I find myself answering it this way: My IM; Michelle has gone through a lengthy process of
IVF cycles and egg retrievals over the years. Both the eggs and sperm came from her and her
husband. They’re combined in a lab for fertilization. The embryos were transferred to my uterus
which is how I am pregnant with THEIR baby. **jaws are still dropped** but hey.. they get the gist of
this not being my baby and we can all move on.

It’s nice to bring some awareness to those that don’t understand the process. I find myself learning
more and more as the journey continues and have stumbled across many that LOVE it just as much
as I do. It’s refreshing to be on this side where you actually get to grow a precious little human that
isn’t yours and hand it over at the end. It’s true, not everyone can do that. But that’s obviously why
not everyone can be a surrogate. I consider myself quite privileged to be the friend they’ve made to
help expand their family.