At 16 weeks, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling little flutters, the very beginning of feeling the baby move! I still don’t quite look pregnant yet, but I definitely feel it. I’ve used some of my maternity clothing budget to get some second-hand goodies off Facebook marketplace as well as a few new items from StitchFix maternity. I don’t fit into my usual clothes anymore. I will probably also get a wedge pillow so that I can safely sleep on my back.

I had my 16-week checkup and was able to again FaceTime with the intended fathers so that they could hear the heartbeat and ask any questions. There is no ultrasound done at 16 weeks, so we are all looking forward to the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

I have a couple of trips coming up, trips I can take now but wouldn’t be able to after 28 weeks, since after that point I’m not allowed to leave New York, in case of early delivery. Looking forward to Kingston, Ontario, and San Diego, CA before I settle in for the final trimester!