Rolling right into month 4. My belly is growing bigger and bigger and I look much more pregnant and not like I’ve had one too many tacos for dinner haha.

My OB cleared me for regular exercising a few weeks ago which is a HUGE plus for me. I have struggled not feeling like myself these last few months and never realized how much it would affect me coming off of regular routines that had been my lifestyle for YEARS. It’s been rough trying to pick back up with working out after the big pause, but I’m hopeful everything, including my energy, will come back soon.

I’ve started to feel lots more movement now. We had our 18-week checkup with the specialist and we FINALLY got to see the baby. This was our FIRST ultrasound since 11 weeks with CNY. I think I was spoiled with the weekly visits to CNY. It started to feel pretty lonely not hearing the heartbeat each week. It makes me want to invest in a doppler for at-home listens. The anatomy scan was an hour long. They checked the growth and development of the baby and he’s measuring right along the track and looking perfect. Both my IPs came along for this visit. We were in Syracuse for several hours and it was nice being able to talk with them for so long. We had a genetic consult done and the Doctors were able to ask my IPs some additional questions about the embryos and previous pregnancies. Part of me was sad about the Doctors bedside manner and the way they asked questions that brought up some traumatic feelings. I’m sure, but I know these were questions they needed to know because they did not receive any of my IPs history from CNY, and my IPs were so great with providing so many details to them. This Doctor said I could stop taking LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) which is great. He also suggested that I take baby aspirin once a day until we hit 36 weeks to lower the chances of developing preeclampsia. He advised that the NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test) should not have been given because it was most likely picking up matter from Baby B since we were confirmed pregnant with twins earlier on. It is pretty interesting learning all these different things from different doctors. This one also suggested that we deliver at 39 weeks as anything after increases the risk of stillbirth and/or preeclampsia. So I asked lots of questions about inducing as I have never been induced before. My keepers were all 40-41 weeks. The doctor was able to answer those questions and refer me back to my regular OB for additional consulting/questioning.

Overall I am feeling good. Sleep is pretty nonexistent at this point which has been pretty rough on my days with the expected amount of exhaustion, but the baby is growing and that feeling trumps all.

Our next Doctor’s appointment with my regular OB is towards the end of July.
Excited to keep watching baby boy progress in the right direction <3