In surrogacy, there’s a whole lot going on in the beginning: matching, contracts, appointments, ultrasounds, blood draws, medications. But as you reach months 2 and 3, things start to slow down. I have really felt this lately!

I’m now under the care of my OB. At around 10 weeks, I had a blood draw to check for chromosomal abnormalities. All came back normal, but as the embryos were tested beforehand, this was what we expected. This test also reveals the sex of the fetus, but I already knew since the clinic told me earlier. The intended fathers don’t want to know yet, so for now, it’s my secret.

I’ll have an ultrasound at 12w3d which I’m very excited for since I haven’t “seen” the little one since around 7 weeks. Back then it was still kind of a blob, and at 12 weeks it should definitely be looking more like a baby and be moving around. Unfortunately, I am not allowed anyone with me at my appointments, so the dads cannot come along. We will FaceTime so they can see the ultrasound and ask the doctor any questions. As of now, I don’t have any appointments scheduled beyond that, but I think they will be monthly until the third trimester. Like I said, not a lot going on!

I have a portable fetal doppler, and about once a week I’ll find the heartbeat and make a recording to send to the intended fathers. It’s a nice way to stay connected while we wait for each appointment.