Month 2 has flown by. The heartburn finally kicked in so I had to start watching what I ate or enjoy and endure. I had the morning sickness feeling but never actually became sick. That was a huge blessing. Most of the medication I had been on, I continued. I will tell you I was counting down the days to be done with some of them. I continued regular check in for ultrasounds and bloodwork. It was always fun seeing the little heartbeat during the ultrasound even though we could not hear it. All bloodwork was coming back great! My intended parent and I grew closer and closer over the second month as it really started to set in that I was pregnant. I felt an overwhelming joy to be able to provide her with the opportunity to become a parent. She would check in regularly to see if I needed anything and how I was feeling. I did experience very light spotting during the second month. The fertility company stated this was normal due to the medications. I was nervous and ready for each following appointment to ensure it was nothing. Thankfully it was, the next appointment confirmed everything was progressing as it should. It was almost Christmas. What an amazing gift to be able to celebrate.