After the transfer, we all traveled home. It was 3 days later we decided to take an at home pregnancy test. The test came back positive! The lines were very bright and appeared very quickly. We were so excited. My intended parent asked if I would take a digital pregnancy test just to confirm. Of course I was more than happy to do so! The following day I picked up the test and took it that night and it also came back positive! We couldn’t wait for our appointment to confirm. Seemed like it took forever to arrive. With all our excitement and nerves, my appointment confirmed I was in fact pregnant. We were all so excited. The first month went by quick as half of the month had already passed once we confirmed I was pregnant. I had been feeling great with no morning sickness or heartburn. I experienced both with all my pregnancies. We knew it was still early and to be cautious but we just couldn’t contain our excitement. We had another appointment shortly after and it also came back positive. We were so excited to see how our journey would continue.