I thought about being a surrogate for a long time. After I had my daughter, I knew this was something I really wanted to do for another family. Before it was legal in NY, I started my surrogacy journey in 2023 with a different agency. It took about 7 months and right before the matching process, I found out I was not eligible to work with the agency because they were out of state. It felt like a complete waste of time, but it was helpful in the long run.


I took a few months before looking into surrogacy again. I did an initial application with another agency and though they were responsive, the pre-screening questionnaire asked for so much more information. After the 7-month process I already did, I found myself not excited to complete it. Then I found NYSC through a Google search of surrogacy agencies in NY this time. The application was very easy to complete. Because I had most of the documents completed, this made the process much faster, and it only took about 3 months to match with a family! Joe and the program coordinator responded to emails right away which made the whole process so smooth. Zoom calls with Joe made me feel at ease with how things were to move along. He ensured that the process would not take as long as the time and I knew this would be the agency I would like to work with. From the beginning I knew what was always needed of me and the next steps. I already had completed a background check, OBGYN approval letter, and medical screening. The only thing I did not already have was a drug screen and the agency made it very easy with finding a location close to my home address and with their information already added for billing purposes. All I had to do was set an appointment! All documents that needed a signature was emailed via Adobe DocuSign and it automatically emailed a copy to yourself as well. There was never a time I was confused or waiting in limbo about anything in the pre-screening process.


Once everything was completed it took about a week to find a potential match. A profile of the intended parents was sent to me, similar to my own profile. Shortly after, a match meeting was scheduled. Luckily, the meeting went great. There were so many similarities between us. And we both agreed to move forward with me as their surrogate. Going through this process the second time around was a completely different experience. NYSC made this process a walk in the park, and I knew I was making the right decision to become a surrogate.