My oh my isn’t Surrogacy a beautiful thing!

My Belly Buddy made it safely into the arms of the most deserving parents on Nov 4th, shortly after his 10:57am arrival at 7lbs 4oz. Beautiful parents that have made it through many years of grief, loss and waiting to be on THIS side of their story!

I’m extremely grateful to the New York Surrogacy Center for bringing this precious couple into my life. They navigated our entire journey and made it possible for me to help them grow their family. And science. Wow. Where would we be without that?! The fact that Michelle’s egg and Drew’s sperm could be combined so perfectly at CNY Fertility to MAKE this sweet little miracle for me to carry via IVF is incredibly fascinating.

I am grateful for many things right now. This experience, the journey and ALL of the support. Surrogacy is something that I have longed to do for many years. Something that not everyone in my corner has understood or agreed on. But those that mattered most, have been in my corner all along and I am very grateful. My heart feels so full staring at this VERY picture. This very moment that I am so blessed I could be part of . ♥️