After second BETA test, which was on 12th day after embryo transfer my IVF clinic finally, gave me the good news that I am officially pregnant with my second surrobaby. I continued intralipid and blood work and ultra sound in each week. When I shared this news with my IPs they were ecstatic with this news. The first scan was on the 5th week’s checkup at my IVF clinic where it was confirmed one out of the two embryos had stuck as confirmed by one gestational sack and fetal pole.

On my 6th weeks pregnancy I went for heart beat confirmation at the clinic and my IPs were with me, which was all the more exciting and emotional. After the checkup my IM was got extremely emotional and gave me a tight hug and I could feel the joy and happiness in them.  The clinic also told us they will discharge me at 10 weeks and asked me to contact my OBGYN. After one month of transfer I was having morning sickness and I told my IM about that, she would love to take me to her place and took care of me. She is such a sweet heart and her hubby the IF was equally supportive which I must say.

From the 6th week till the 10th I went there once a week for the regular monitoring of my hormones, sonographic scans and intralipids. I always made sure I had printed copies of the scans for my IPs

Gradually, the final day arrived when I was supposed to be discharged from the IVF clinic. On 10th weeks of pregnancy, the clinic discharged me and transferred my reports to my OBGYN. My IPs were also there on that day to complete all paper works. By the way I was on prednisone from the very beginning of the IVF cycles and started weaning on it by gradually reducing the dosage from twice daily to once and then once every alternate day starting from the 8th week and completely stopping at the 10th week.  All other medicines were stopped by the 10th week except PIO or ENDOMETRINE, either one would continue until 12 weeks. This very important part of my second surrogacy journey ended with lots of love, joy and happiness. Hoping rest of my journey will be the same as well.