Have you ever wondered how many miles your thumb has scrolled in its lifetime on social media? Enough to go the Olympics that’s for sure 😉. Well, in Spring 2022 I decided to scroll deep into my feelings, femininity, and 416 week experience of women’s health to research in being a gestational carrier.

I’ve worked in OB, GYN, and REI and I’ve always wanted to give my contribution to women’s health in some way. Being raised by a L&D Nurse, that also adopted my mother, I was well versed on the various ways anyone can “grow” a family. After looking into several Facebook groups, NYSC stood out like the new cool kid on the block. Cool kid with credentials that is!. Not many reviews but I thought, “every moment is an experience”. Joe was simply amazing, thorough, and prompt.

After a few calls, demographics, and some medical releases – my profile was created !  The font, major key points and not to mention the profile pic that definitely gave slay vibes, I just hoped a family would be interested.

Cheers to Stork Volunteers!