As we celebrate the successful implantation of our newly named “Wombmate,” each day brings a mix of anticipation and anxiety, especially as we await that first precious ultrasound heartbeat. 

Medication schedules with precision has become a newfound responsibility, while grounding exercises and meditation have become essential tools in managing stress and nurturing a sense of calmness—a skill I’m learning along this journey toward perfection for our growing family.

At around 5 weeks, the gentle onset of nausea signaled the beginning of new transformation. This soon intensified with an abrupt aversion to the taste and smell of bananas by week 6. However, amidst these challenges, the confirmation of a strong heartbeat around eight weeks filled our intended parents with relief and joy, marking a significant milestone in this remarkable journey.

Completing prenatal testing and genetic checklists with negative results has provided reassurance and peace of mind, allowing us to focus on the beauty of this experience. 


While weight gain hasn’t yet made a prominent appearance, the snug fit of shirts serves as a subtle reminder of the changes underway.

Transitioning from a decade-long career in face to face women’s health to the dynamic realm of at-home dermatology represents a fresh start, perfectly aligned with good timing. Embracing these unknowns with courage and determination, we raise a toast to the excitement of new careers and the resilience needed to navigate this journey. Wombmate and I are ready !