We are all matched up and ready for medical & psychological screening. Here it begins… Honestly, it terrified me a tad bit. I wasn’t worried about anything coming up that I couldn’t handle, but I was nervous about actually completing a psych evaluation for the first time. I mean, we all think we are a little crazy sometimes right? No. Just me? Ok. Moving on.

It took a little bit of time to get scheduled with my OB for medical clearance. It didn’t help that I was still fairly new to the state and the pandemic delayed my scheduled yearly check up. So, while I patiently waited for that appointment date to approach, I matched up with a therapist to complete my psych screening. She was very pleasant to talk with and accommodating to my schedule. I generally have tons of questions and she was great at answering them. There was a very lengthy questionnaire that was mailed to me with instructions not to open until our session. This would happen via Zoom. I read aloud all of the questions and answered the first choice that came to my mind. I even chimed in a few comments if I felt I had to explain/justify my response. I’m sure that wasn’t really necessary, but it felt good to be able to have that opportunity.

The Psych screening was a lot more thorough than I anticipated. Some of the questions were very basic, and others were very deep and dark. So many questions allowing her to assess me, know me and trust me. Trust that I am fully aware of the magnitude this journey I’m embarking on brings, and that I fully understand and accept the potential emotional impacts associated with it. I also felt it was important for her to assess my husband the way she did. Sincere and thorough. His support is most important and I loved that she was able to ask the right questions in order to see that. Once my IPs completed their session we scheduled a quick group session. It was a blissful confirmation that we were all ready and excited to move forward.

Getting medical clearance was pretty adventurous. After my physical and pap with my OB was finally completed I was able to go to my IP’s clinic and see the reproductive endocrinologist for the saline sonohysterogram (SHG). This allowed them to see any potential issues in my uterus. During the ultrasound they found a small benign polyp in my uterus. Nothing serious, but to increase our chances of a successful transfer, I opted to have it removed. It was a quick in and out procedure done at my IP’s Fertility Clinic that followed the magical medical clearance letter and allowed us to move onto legal clearance. Once legal clearance we will begin our ERA Mock Cycle. This is still such an incredible feeling to be this far on my journey. I feel so blessed.