Once I was matched with my Intended Parents Mike and RJ, I headed to their clinic in Buffalo for medical clearance. Living five hours away, I hopped a train so I could work on the way there and back.

The medical clearance was straightforward. The reproductive endocrinologist performed a saline hysterogram, which is when a catheter is used to put a small amount of saline into your uterus. Then, via ultrasound, the doctor can visually check for any potential issues. She also performed a mock transfer, and all went well. We also discussed potential risks I’d be taking on as a surrogate.

After medical clearance came the psychological clearance. I was able to choose a therapist from a list, and I chose the same one I used for my altruistic journey a few years back, since she already knew me. My online session lasted about two hours, and the therapist came prepared with several questions for me. It was a very comfortable discussion, and I never felt uncomfortable or caught off guard. I had two minor concerns that I came prepared to discuss and the therapist gave me a potential solution for each of them. I pursued these solutions, and my concerns are now gone, proof that working with a therapist can be a great resource (besides being required).

My IPs had their session the same day, and a few days later, we had a short online group session with all of us together. I have never had any doubt on this match, and the group session reaffirmed my feelings. We are now all cleared on this front, and I’m very excited to move forward