The process of going through medical and psychological clearance is a long road (at least for me as one-off circumstances kept magically appearing). Medical clearance started off with a physical exam with my OB. After I received that first clearance, I then was passed to the fertility clinic of my intended parents to start the second process of medical clearance. This consisted of bloodwork, drug screens, ultrasounds, and medical records review. The bloodwork for me personally had to be repeated a lot as “abnormalities” kept appearing such as thyroid, anemia, and chicken pox. Eventually after multiple specialists got involved in my case, all the “abnormalities” that took a few months to address were resolved and did not become a problem, so I was able to continue to move forward. Psych screening was the next step after finally being medically cleared. I enjoyed the psych screening process a lot more and it went very smoothly. It felt a little therapeutic in a sense. My psych screening consisted of 3 parts. 1. A PAI Test which was a multiple-choice personality questionnaire 2. Counseling session with my husband and 3. Counseling session with my husband and the intended parents. It ended up being a few conversations rather than an interrogation to make sure we were all on the same page, moving forward for the right reasons, and making sure we would work well together throughout this journey. The last step after I was cleared both medically and psychologically, we moved onto legal clearance and discussing the contracts prior to the embryo transfer.