So, after the matching process I was excited to move to the next steps. Medical clearance came first for me. I was flown to the IVF Clinic. I was nervous about this appointment. I waited for my Uber to take me to the clinic.

Once I arrived, I filled out paperwork and the staff were amazing. They went over everything step by step. I completed the urine and blood tests and next was the saline sonogram. The nurses were amazing during this and explained everything they were doing and everything they saw on the screen.

The psych screening started with paperwork and assessment. 300 questions later and my individual session was scheduled. I was nervous going into this session. She made me feel so comfortable so quickly into it. She made it feel like casual conversations.

After receiving clearance from both medical and psych it was time to talk contract. Legal clearance was to come next. I had a zoom meeting with the attorney, and she went over every section with me. She explained why she changed wordings and her thoughts about certain items. We discussed things at length. After two revisions all parties were on the same page. The time frame took about two months roughly and the contract was signed. It all started to feel real after that. So, after the matching process it took about 5 months to get all the clearances and contracts in order. It all went fairly smooth, and everyone involved including NYSC was amazing about communicating.

Now on to the next step!!! Embryo transfer!!!