Once I was ready to start matching my profile was created. My final profile consisted of a picture of me, age, medical history, the type of IPs that were ideal for me, and a few requirements that I would/wouldn’t do during a surrogacy journey. All of this information is important to find the perfect match. I was open and honest about who I wanted to be matched with. The first IP profile Joe showed me was the last one I needed to see! I wanted my profile to be shown to them asap! Not a day later we all decided to meet via zoom. Our first zoom call was a connection disaster! Nothing the agency/Joe or we could control. I laugh because amid the Covid pandemic we were all depending on technology and it totally failed us that day! With that the IPs and I decided to meet in person.

The IPs, my husband and I love coffee. We decided to meet half way between us (we don’t live far from each other) at a coffee shop. The coffee was perfect and the meeting was beyond that. The IPs were exactly the same people I described to Joe. After our coffee date I sent an email to Joe as soon as I could letting him know my husband and I really liked the IPs and hoped that they felt the same way! The IPs did feel the same way and we agreed to match.

Both IPs are smart, kind, easy to talk to and most of all are eager to start a family. Their journey thus far has tugged at my heart strings. I couldn’t think of two better IPs to be a surrogate for.

We text often to check in on one another. We have met again for dinner half way. Amid the pandemic we both hope to continue to be able to see each other!