I’ve never actually experienced online dating before, but I love to describe my matching process with NY Surrogacy Center as the closest I’ve been to it.
I’m not proud to admit this, but I imagined this part of my journey with any agency feeling more like a business transaction. I assumed there was a long questionnaire that would put me into a pool of couples that were eager to have me. It’s not the experience I wanted, so I was obviously happy to be wrong.

Once In-Take and Pre-Screening were complete, I was excited to move to the next step. Matching. I was open with Joe, the agency co-director from the beginning in regards to who I would match with. To be more clear, I don’t discriminate. I was willing to be matched with a male couple, a female couple, anti-vax, pro-vax, a couple that wanted twins, triplets, you name it. I just felt compelled to help a family grow their family and I wanted to make sure my energy, excitement and eagerness to help them get what it is that they have been longing for was always felt. I guess my only “preference” really was a healthy and happy relationship.

Joe created my Surrogate Profile. If anyone else helped, kudos to you. First of all, the font was beautiful, the colors didn’t clash. I mean, they are legit design Gods over there because these are the kind of things you pay money for. My profile displayed a picture of me, what I do for work, my age, hobbies and a few other things that could help answer some basic questions they may have. I was really happy with it. Joe told me about a married couple that lives less than 2 hours away from me that he felt I would pair well with. I reviewed their profile and felt so drawn to their stories and their lifestyles that I agreed to have him share my surrogate profile with them. I remember getting an email from Joe saying he shared my profile early one morning and by the afternoon they had already gotten back to him expressing that they were very interested in possibly being matched with me. We haven’t yet met in person, but we have been able to enjoy Zoom a few times and share emails, calls and texts quite often. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be matched with the two of them. They are the very people that are abundantly grateful for life. They live a healthy lifestyle, they love a lot of the things I love like outdoors, music, hiking, sports etc. They are easy to talk to, kind and compassionate. Simply put, they are my kind of people. I can’t wait for us to eventually meet in person and for our relationship to continue to grow. This is the start to something so beautiful and I’m grateful NYSC was able to match us so perfectly <3