So we left where I had to wait a month to get into the cardiologist for a check up because my cholesterol was just above normal at 202. Well I had that appointment just the other day and … Everything is fine! Just as we expected. After this appointment everything seemed to take off at rocket speed. I guess after waiting over 2 months and moving at a snail’s pace anything would seem fast. However the same day I had my cardiologist appointment that office sent the report to my agency, NYSC, which sent it immediately to the fertility clinic of the IP’s. This same day the fertility clinic approved all of my medical records. The very next day a zoom meeting was arranged with myself, my husband, NYSC, and both IP’s. This introductory call went so extremely well! I was nervous at first but the conversation just started to flow right from the very beginning. Joe from NYSC actually had to bring us back on task to discuss some important points before the call ended. That night the IP’s reached out to NYSC saying they would love to work with us. When I woke up the next morning I read Joe’s email stating so and I quickly responded with a big Yes. We would love to work with these IP’s as well. And just like that, 2 days after my cardiology exam we were officially matched!!! I then started to receive emails from an escrow company Seedtrust. My IP’s paid for this company. I had to sign some forms and set up an account. The IP’S will deposit money into this account and then from it I will be paid. I was also assigned a case manager with NYSC. We had several emails back and forth and arranged to have a video call so she could discuss everything that should follow in my journey. Exactly a week after my cardiology appointment we had this meeting. It was very informative and I took a lot of notes, even though she assured me everything would be explained again step by step as we go through it. I had the fertility clinic reach out to me as well this week. They do their psych screenings in 2 parts for each of my husband and I. First there is a 1 hour long screening questionnaire done on the computer then a 45 minute intake video call. We had to schedule these for 2 and 4 weeks out because we were going away to the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana for a week and because the fertility clinic closes for 2 weeks during the Christmas and New Years holidays. My husband and I both have our psych screenings this week. Like almost everything in this process I’m excited and nervous. I will also be contacted some time soon, I think, to schedule my medical screening at the fertility clinic. The other thing I have this week is an appointment with my OBGYN to have my IUD removed. I know the fertility clinic wants me to have several cycles before their medical screening. I had wanted to wait until I was officially matched before removing my IUD but also don’t want to hold up the process anymore. So now is the time. NYSC had sent a group email that contained myself, my husband, both IP’s and my new case manager. In this email we were congratulated on our official match and our phone numbers were shared. That evening the IM reached out in a group text with myself, my husband and the IP. She expressed how excited she is and proposed a get together since we live pretty close to each other. Only 30-40 minutes away which was an important thing for all of us. We are now going to meet in person for the first time right after the holiday, about 2-3 weeks. Like the call I’m excited and very nervous. I tend to be shy and quiet at first with not much to say. That is where my husband comes in. He is outgoing and can talk to anyone. He is my ice breaker. This was a very exciting 2 weeks for me, especially after waiting for over 2 months to get here! Well I’ll keep you updated and you wish me well at my upcoming psych screening and face to face meeting with my IP’s!