Good Morning, afternoon or evening, wherever you are reading from! I have some great news about my profile!  NYSC took my profile and matched it up to the intended parents profiles they have. In the same week they sent over a profile for me to review! I was really surprised that it didn’t take long for them to find a couple that they believed would be a good match for us. My husband and I reviewed their profile and also thought that this had the potential to be a really good fit. I gave it the thumbs up and then NYSC sent my health records over to the Intended Parent’s fertility clinic. So once the intended parents accept my profile and I accept theirs, it is up to their fertility clinic to review all of my health records and determine  if they believe that I am physically a good candidate for them. This is where my journey hit a little rocky patch. I filled out a questionnaire and I had answered two questions in ways that they wanted further explanation. One being that at work I am exposed to radiation. I am a veterinary technician and I take dental and full body x-rays. Now I explained that we were protective gear and there are special walls fortified with lead to stop any scattering rays. They were fine with that and we moved on to question two that they were concerned about. Little did I know that this would take almost 3 months to finalize. That is as longest anything has taken since I started this whole journey! I had stated that I have had high cholesterol. Almost 2 years ago I had annual blood work done and my doctor mentioned that it was a little high. She wasn’t concerned but wanted to mention it and told me to look up a Mediterranean diet and try some diet changes from that. Honestly I didn’t really change much at all.  Okay so fast forward a year and I get my annual blood work done again. It is 204, the normal range goes up to 200 before being considered high. So at this point that the fertility clinic is seeing the results it is about 6 months old. They would like me to re-test my cholesterol. Okay no problem. I get the referral from my PCP, make an appointment, get it done and it is now 202. I think great, it has gone down and it’s only 2 points above normal. Nope the fertility clinic wants me to now speak to an MFM, which is a maternal fertility specialist, as well get see a cardiologist. So now I schedule an appointment with the MFM, over the phone at least. I get another referral from my PCP for the cardiologist and schedule that appointment. The earliest the cardiologist could get me in was over a month later. I speak to the MFM and she very quickly determines that she doesn’t see any risk in me being a surrogate. That got sent to the fertility clinic and they still wanted me to see the cardiologist. So now we all just wait for over a month. That is where we are now…. waiting. I thought the matching process was going to be one of the quickest parts of this journey. I know there can be a lot of hurry up and wait. Things take time, there is a process, lots and lots of paperwork! I get it but this, I thought it was going to be exciting and fun. Looking at profiles, see if they like mine. Letting the right couple know that I liked their profile as well and now we are in this together, neither couple is going through this alone anymore. Kind of like the butterflies you can get when dating someone new. But no journey is the same and as we all know, and now I know this means with surrogacy too. It is impossible to plan out everything when it comes to pregnancy, birth and children!  I am still excited to see where this journey takes me and to continue in the process. But for now we wait.