The more I checked off my list the faster things moved towards getting a match until finally we were creating my profile! We went over some general details: was I okay carrying for same sex couples? Was I okay with carrying multiples? Did I want to be matched with a couple who did or did not already have kids? etc. Within a few days I had a potential match!! I read through their profile and decided I wanted to go ahead with a match meeting. Once the Intended Parents did the same, we scheduled a zoom meeting with the IP’s my husband, myself and Joe. We talked for about an hour or so and got a good feel for each other to see if we had enough compatibility to take the next steps. The next morning I received an email from Joe: we were officially matched!!!! At this point I had to get a little more bloodwork done for the IP’s doctor because I was slightly anemic after my last delivery, get an intake form filled out by my OB for the IP’s office, and because I had gotten my IUD removed two months prior, I needed to get a mid-cycle ultrasound of my uterus to make sure my uterine lining was thick enough to proceed with the transfer when we got to that point. Once those were completed, I received a call from the IP’s doctor’s office, scheduling two prescreening calls, one from the social worker and one from the doctor himself, and an “all-day” appointment.