This has been my favorite part of the process so far, as I’m still in the midst of my journey. So many thoughts go through your mind prior to meeting your intended parents. You begin to wonder what they’ll look like, if they’ll like you and your profile enough, and if they will accept your love for Taco Bell and Wendy’s. I’m sure similar questions go through their minds as well – hopeful someone also picks them.

Prior to meeting our match, my husband and I were presented with a few profiles based on our preferences and similarities. It was a very easy decision for us. We selected the profile we were drawn to the most and anxiously awaited to hear if they liked mine, which they did! The next step was a pre-match meeting via Zoom. To say we were nervous was an understatement. Joe broke the ice by starting the conversation and asking some questions. After just a few minutes, the conversation flowed naturally and we hit it off.

We enjoyed getting to know the intended parents and seeing how nice they were. My biggest “wants” in intended parents were that they were nice and flexible (mainly through diet because I am a total foodie). After the meeting, we told Joe our thoughts and anxiously waited to see if the intended parents felt the same. Fortunately, we had positive mutual feelings about each other and were so excited to move forward with a match. This was when the reality of my surrogacy journey began to set in. We are excited to continue this journey together and look forward to the best possible outcome, a little one.