As the end of the journey became closer we were able to plan more, I was at 4cm and with bad weather happening around me,  IPs the doctor went ahead and scheduled an induction. She did a membrane sweep two days prior to induction. The IPs drove up and got a hotel room for them and for myself and mom (she was my support person). We were all right down the road from the hospital. Induction check in got pushed back an hour and a half. So 6am we arrived at the hospital and got to our room. After all the normal admission questions and getting IV set up we were playing the waiting game. Pitocin was started. After awhile it was increased due to low contractions. I got an epidural and then doctor broke my water. At this point I was at 5cm. We all just watched tv and relaxed during the next few hours. Around 330 I was checked and at 8cm. Shortly after I started to feel baby drop and felt pressure even through the epidural. So around 430pm with the pressure they started prepping the room. 5pm I started pushing and baby girl was born at 510pm. One dad cut the cord and the other did skin to skin. It was such a beautiful moment seeing their eyes light up with so much love. After a couple hours they moved us all to the postpartum wing with rooms right next to each other. I breastfed a couple times so baby girl had the colostrum. I couldn’t have asked for better IPs. We all communicated so well and we have been open with each other. I will pump for them for awhile and hopefully get to do a sibling journey for them in the future!