I got the most exciting news of my journey so far on March 25th – I’m matched! The matching phase for me went pretty smoothly. I started this phase February 23rd when Joe contacted me about a family he thought would be great for me, he told me a little bit about them and asked if that was a family I’d be comfortable with and I had said yes. He then sent my profile to them. They reviewed my profile and agreed to do a match meeting. Our first meeting went great! I absolutely loved them and knew right away they’d be the perfect intended parents for me. They wanted to do a second meeting just to talk more and go over things in a little bit more detail. A couple days later they were ready to make it official! I became officially matched on March 25th 2023. Roughly a week or two later emails and numbers were exchanged between me and the IPs so we were able to contact each other with out a third party now. On to the next phase – Medical/Psych evaluation and legal clearance 😁😁